100% Approved
as a CCD ExpEnditure.

A Proven Solution

Mega Music Canada provides radio broadcasters with a groundbreaking and unique application which will provide them the opportunity of mass distribute free music to their listeners as part of their commitment to Canadian Content Development.

Mega Music Canada is a CRTC approved expenditure of CCD funds.

CRTC Letters of Approval

"The staff of the radio policy and applications directorate at the crta has reviewed your plans for the mega music project."

""Broadcasters couldconsider their expendiures for the purchase of PINS only as contributing to the fulfillment of the discretionary portion of their Canadian Content Development obligations."

"Please accespt my best wishes for the success of your very interesting initiative.

Annie Laflamme - Director, Radio Policy and Operations.

2,200 Canadian Artist 92,000 Tracks.
New releases added weekly.

3rd Party Inclusion & Distribution

"In reference to your recent discussion with mr. pentefountas, vice-chair broadcasting, crtc..."

"...Therefore, your proposal to modify the distribution method to ensure Canadian artists benefit from the Mega Music initiative is approved".

"This approval allows radio stations to include a third party logo on the reverse side of the cards and for the third party partners to distribute the Mega Music download cards on the stations behalf."