About Mega Music Canada

We create custom made music download stores.

Mega Music Canada provides radio broadcasters with a groundbreaking and unique application which provides free music to it’s listeners through mass distribution of prepaid digital songs as part of their commitment to Canadian Content Development. Mega Music Canada is a CRTC approved expenditure of CCD funds.

  • There is no charge for your music store.
  • Graphic design, site implementation and Artists, Songs, Tracks curation included.
  • New releases added weekly.
  • Designated areas to feature Artist or Station vidoes
  • Feature current contests and promotions on the store for added exposure.
  • Can be Artist specific for concert tour promotions.
  • Anyone can give the gift of free music, announcers, promotions people, at remotes, concerts or other events or by a third party sponsor.
Custom download cards
Introducing Digital SWAG.

Reward your customers with the gift of their favourite songs. Your digital download cards will be held onto and retained like the gold they are.

  • Creative design to your brand guidelines included
  • Create cards with 2, 5 or 10 songs to create mystery and urgency for redemption
  • Ideal branding for radio stations and featuring other promotions on back of card
  • Feature a 3rd party client for maximum card distribution
  • Die-cuts available. Let's get creative!
  • Perfect for concerts, events, remotes - anywhere you hand out SWAG
  • Cards can be individually numbered for forced tuning contests
  • Tracks download into iTunes or preferred media library. Artists and rights holders get paid full royalties upon redemption

Frequently Asked Questions

How many songs and artists are available?

Mega Music continues to source new Canadian Artists weekly. We have licenses with all 3 Major Record Labels and most of the Indies. Our current Canadian music data base has more than 2,200 artists and more than 100,000 songs, the best of the best from yesterday and today.

Mega Music’s database is representative of 95% of all charted singles across all music genres & formats.

How much does it cost?

Stations may have their own branded digital music download store and 1,000 – 2 song, full colour pin code cards to distribute for under $2,000. Graphic design included.

Will a Mega Music store work for a News, News Talk or Sports station?

Great question! The musical tastes of spoken word radio fans are as varied as the artists and genres in the world today. Creative music related promotions on a talk or news station provide listeners with pleasant surprises and even more reason to visit the station’s website.

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